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I love colors!

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Specifically, it is the beauty of the interplay of form and color, of light and shadow, of calm and movement that inspires me. Together, one finds all these elements of perception in nature.

Only the nature knows no laws when it comes to creating new forms or mixing colors - and to present it all in a light that is only natural.

That is why I work with real photographs and films and try to present my view of things, my experience, my interpretation of reality on this basis. I edit the photos as I experienced and felt the photographed. It is my particular perception and experience that I present through various computer programs.

A jpg file is thus the result of my work as an artist. The original!

For this file / artwork I create a certificate with all the required information about the file, artist and copyright. The acquired jpg image can be viewed on the monitor (computer, laptop, mobile phone, TV) or as a projection on the wall or printed at the printer of own choice in the desired quality and format. In this way, I draw the viewer into the artistic process by deciding in the last instance - according to his preferences - the "tangible", the "material" of my art.



By the way: You can print in the desired format, paper quality and framing also at:


(click top left of the page of www.orlonet-gallery.com "Upload your own
pictures"  and set the printing and framing modalities).



You can download the pictures / videos. The unique pieces will be sent to you personally by e-mail - together with the certificate "Certificate of Uniqueness for digital artworks". All pictures / photos / videos are signed and certified. The signed and certified downloads of editions, series and videos are limited to 50 pieces.


Of course I send on request the original (the digital image as a jpg file) stored on a USB stick together with the certificate - packed as a gift on request and without extra charge. In this case, please contact me: contact@marija-orlovic.com.




- 2019 July:  my work “landscape USA 01” selected by Midwest Center for
  Photography for  exhibition “Earth Elements - International Landscape Exhi-
  bition” (12.07.-26.07.2019; at http://www.mwcponline.com/earth-elements.html)
- 2019 February:Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize: Promoting of my artwork
  entry  on SM (https://www.instagram.com/p/BuLVtkVgRif/)
- 2019 February: Selected for Issue Zero of “Outsider” Magazine
- Saatchi Art 2018; Top Emerging Artist
- artshow.com 2018; Featured Artist
- artplode.com 2018; Featured Artist

- orlonet-gallery, Murter, Kroatien (Dauerausstellung)

- Art fair Leipzig 2017, 2018

- Midwest Center for Photography, USA, 02/2018 (Juried exhibition)

- Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018 (https://twitter.com/TheArtPrize)

- Haeven Art Gallery, USA, 02/2018 (Juried exhibition)

- Light Space & Time, USA, 02/2018, 03/2018, 06/2018 (Juried exhibition)

- Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

- Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

- fusion art, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

- International gallery of the arts, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

- Contemporary Art Gallery USA, 03/2018 (juried exhibition)

- Art Room Gallery, USA, 03/2018 (juried exhibition)



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The purchased picture / video may be used for private use only.

The economic exploitation of the artwork must be negotiated separately.
The copyright remains always and exclusively with the artist Marija Orlovic.


eMail: contact@marija-orlovic.com


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