About me

About Me and my art


About my art

My aim is to present my view of "beauty" and the emotional state of experiencing beauty.

To experience and feel the beauty is always something special. I experience it as an ever-changing, polymorphic element of eternity that can be experienced in just a moment.

The experience of beauty for me takes place at the point where finitude and eternity touch.

That's what I try to visualize with my pictures, photos and videos. The tools of digital technology are my means of expression. With my camera I search for traces of untouchedness, originality and innocence in nature. In my short videos (30 seconds to one minute), I try to capture moments that are banal, but convey in their core the conflation of finitude and eternity as an experience.

It is important to me to maintain the authenticity.

That's why I kept the authentic soundscape of the recordings and worked without a tripod. In some videos you can therefore hear human voices and follow my breathing in the camera work. Thus, in my videos, a banal presence consisting of images and noises encounters the untouched eternity.

I have late entry into art.

Although I've spent my entire life working on art - but only totally private, just for me. When I retired in 2014, I decided to look through my work, sort it, and make it accessible to the public. I applied for the 2017 Leipzig Art Fair and was admitted. In 2018, I applied to various online galleries - especially in the US: a total of 11 galleries have exhibited and included 30 of my artworks in their monthly exhibitions (February, March, June 2018) - where they are available. I got a total of 9 awards (Honorable Mention, Special Merit and Special Recognition Awards).

I work digitally because I think digital technology is a contemporary means of expression. It also makes it possible to feel experience and the creative as the "new seeing" in a unique symbiosis of being, is and will.


About me

I, Dr. Marija Orlovic, have two home countries: Croatia (where I was born in 1949) and Germany.

I came to Germany (Mainz) in 1973 with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service. At the Johannes Gutenberg University I did my doctorate in 1977 with a linguistic work. I live in Wiesbaden since 1978 and have been a German citizen since 1984. In addition, I was a member of the parliament of the state capital Wiesbaden for twelve years.

It's beautiful to belong to two countries and to one great continent - Europe.

I have not forgotten my Croatian homeland - on the contrary. I personally looked after my parents who lived there. Furthermore, I helped wherever I could, when Croatia was attacked by Serbia. Among other things, I organized the largest supply of emergency technical goods for the cities of Dubrovnik and Zadar (mobile emergency generators in various sizes, trucks, mobile water treatment, tools, etc.). For this I got from the Croatian President the highest Croatian medal for foreigners.

In 2009 I founded  at the Stifterverband für deutschen Wissenschaft "Dr. Marija Orlovic Foundation for Medical Research ". The foundation annually sponsors projects from the "Orlovic -Nchwuchsfond innovative Kardiologie" with the participation of the German Society of Cardiology.



Saatchi Art 2018; Top Emerging Artist
artshow.com 2018; Featured Artist
artplode.com 2018; Featured Artist

orlonet-gallery, Murter, Kroatien (Dauerausstellung)

Art Fair Leipzig 2017, 2018

Midwest Center for Photography, USA, 02/2018 (Juried exhibition)

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018 (https://twitter.com/TheArtPrize)

Haeven Art Gallery, USA, 02/2018 (Juried exhibition)

Light Space & Time, USA, 02/2018, 03/2018 (Juried exhibition)

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

fusion art, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

International gallery of the arts, USA, 02/2018 (juried exhibition)

Contemporary Art Gallery USA, 03/2018 (juried exhibition)

Art Room Gallery, USA, 03/2018 (juried exhibition)



"to enjoy beauty is to enjoy eternity"