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new artworks


(Created from 01. March 2020 until 28. February 2021)



My new artwork is done!


Today I would like to pay attention to the picture series. These are picture series with a motif in different variations (maximum 10 pictures). Personally, I particularly like the New York City series.

I work digitally. This means that a picture or series of pictures are a JPG file (the original!). That can be viewed on the screen, as a projection on the wall or as a print. My pictures / series of pictures can be downloaded, sent by email or sent to a USB stick (also packed as a gift).

Of course, I can also organize an offer / delivery of the JPG file as a print (on photo paper, metal, acrylic, canvas). For the print I only need the size in which the file should be printed ...

If you would like to be informed about the posting of my new artworks, about my exhibitions, participation in competitions and art fairs or if you would like to give me your opinion about my pictures, please send me an email:

Have a good time with my pictures!

Marija Orlovic