dreaming Angkor Wat 01

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digital artwork, 2020., a Unique, 3500x4600Px


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I saw Angkor Wat for the first time as a picture in a reportage about Jackie Kennedy's visit to Cambodia. She stood in front of the Angkor Wat with the then head of government. She was wearing a beautiful turquoise-blue, shoulder-free dress. At that time I was a student of German in Zagreb/Croatia and I read this report (in German). This picture of the beautiful J. Kennedy in front of the until then unknown Angkor Wat remained in my memory. On the first New Year's Day 2020 I was in Cambodia in front of Angkor Wat with many other tourists. It was overwhelming and I tried to summarize everything in one picture: my memories, my education, the beautiful color of J. Kennedy's dress, the incredible Angkor Wat.



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