landscape USA 263

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digital artwork, 2018, a Unique, 3500x4600 Px


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This artwork is shown at ART UpCLOSE  and Artsy in 2020/21.


From October 2019 to March 2020, there were 20 pictures of me exposed in the Midwest Center for Photography and online in the feature "FLAT FILE FEATURE FALL 2019". This picture is also in the exhibition. (


This picture was selected for issue zero of the new magazine Outsider. A total of 20 artists were selected.


I was in the southwestern United States in 2017. The landscapes and cities I've seen have really impressed me. I returned to Germany and looked at the photos I took there. In the photos, I did not notice anything that moved me so much during my stay: The photos showed some reddish brown stones and a cloudless, blue sky. But if you come to the landscapes of the Southwest after several days in Las Vegas, you will see the stones and the sky just different. I started to work on the photos and above all brought in colors - "American" colors. And my enthusiasm for the landscapes was visible in my landscape paintings from the USA.


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