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       Patterns of Earth, of Life & of  Soul


Patterns of Earth, of Life & of Soul - that is my art. This term focuses my artistic work on everything that interests or concerns me: nature, landscapes, climate, the state of the earth, untouched nature vs. broken nature, the destructive power of civilization, interpersonal relationships, the tension between nature and civilization, the magic of the ordinary and the magic of the imperfect, the mystical vs. the factual, the matter and spirit, chaos and order, the state of one's own soul, one's own life ... the whole contradiction of human existence - embedded in a tiny moment in the universe. I try to find the beautiful in this tension, to preserve it and to visualize it. 


To experience and to feel the beauty is always something special. I try to visualize this special moment in my pictures with colors. Each picture of me is based on a photo taken by me. Landscapes and collages are my favorite motif and my preferred form of expression. With the digital processing of my photos I express my experience, my "interpretation" of the photographed. These are experiences, memories, emotions, the experience of nature, friendships and the knowledge of the photographed, which flow into my pictures with this processing. This is how my "digital artworks" are created.


My digital artworks are on the one hand pure photography and on the other hand image interpretations of my perception - through digital manipulation of the photographed. So I try to see the photographed "new", to experience it "new" and to interpret it "new". I hope that the viewer sees and feels in the same way: the ordinary things of life to see with "new eyes" and experience it “new”.


Every picture of me is based on a photo I took. I either leave the photo as it is or I manipulate it digitally – with the aim of expressing or visualizing my personal perception and feelings of the photographed. There are always feelings that I want to visualize or express. From a technical point of view, this procedure creates several variants of the original picture. I choose the image that I like best and define it as a unique item or as an edition. I make multimedia series with the remaining variants that may only focus on one motif or are there different motifs that flow into the series. Digital manipulation of the photos makes many variations possible. I decided to use this to create a series – multimedia pieces – that can be displayed on the screen (computer, TV, mobile phone) or as a projection on the wall. It is possible to have individual images from a series printed. But the natural medium for my digital pictures and series is the screen or the projection onto the wall.


Photography is the technique I prefer to use. The art of Expressionism and Pop Art appeal to me the most. I prefer to use the tools of digital technology because they are contemporary for me and because they are best suited for transforming photos. Manipulated photography is the technique on which my digital artworks are based.


With this approach I can visualize motifs in many variations. In this way I can depict different states of mind - bundled in a set of images and sounds (multimedia artwork collection and Collages). The analog and the digital "overlap" in my pictures in a variety of ways. The best presentation of my multimedia series is the "immersive" one. My artworks can be seen in an immersive presentation in ORLOVIC Gallery, Murter, Croatia every year during the tourist season (every year from 15.06 to 15.09).


Each picture series is marked with a number plus the first letter (A, B, C, D, E and F), e.g. 01C for "Landscapes World 01". Under this number you can find out more about the picture at www.mo-pictures.com and buy them directly online if wanted. 
My digital artworks (originals) are either single images, digital collages or videos (multimedia series), which can be purchased as a unique, limited or open edition.
They are sent via email or a USB stick.


 A jpg file is the result of my work as an artist.

This is the Original! 


For each file / artwork I create a certificate, with all necessary information about the picture (jpg-file; original!), the artist and copyright. The natural medium of presentation for my art is the screen, but also the projection on the wall - especially projection of picture series.The acquired jpg image can be viewed on the monitor (computer, laptop, mobile phone, TV) or as a projection on the wall or printed at the printer of your choice in the desired quality and size.

You can download the pictures / videos. The unique pieces will be sent personally by me via e-mail - together with the certificate "Certificate of Uniqueness for digital artworks".
All pictures / photos / videos are electronically signed and certified. The signed and certified downloads of editions, series and videos are limited to 50 pieces.


Of course I send on request the original (jpg file) stored on a USB stick together with the certificate - packed as a gift on request.  In this case, please contact me:




You may want to have the original printed out. You can have this done at the printer of your choise or at orlovic-shop.



More ... About me and my art


The purchased picture / video may be used for private use only.

The economic exploitation of the artwork must be negotiated separately.
The copyright remains always and exclusively with the artist Marija Orlovic.


eMail: contact@marija-orlovic.com

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