before the storm Croatia 06

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photography, 2018, limited edition, 2160x3840Px


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I feel strongly attracted by the sea and the water, the wind and the waves, stones and mountains. When I have my camera with me, I try to capture those moments - when the clouds and the sky mix with the color of the mountains. Over and over again! Tirelessly, I'm always shooting new photos.

In 1973 I came to Germany as a student of German Studies and – I stayed in Germany. It is my second home. My first home is Croatia. I was born there and I still like to go there today. Croatia is a small but beautiful country. The diversity of the landscapes in such a small country inspires me - and I'm excited when I see her. There are, of course, the many childhood experiences in which I like to "rummage" today when I create my pictures. Or the memories of my parents in a small Croatian village. My world of experiences is strongly influenced by these childhood experiences. I love the plain of Slavonia, the coast and the sea of Dalmatia, the mountains of Lika and Zagorje. And I feel the same enthusiasm for landscapes when I travel in the southwest of the USA or in New England, in the north of Spain or in South Africa, in China, in Germany or in Italy. With the help of digital technology, I design my landscape photographs in "my" colors - just as I experienced the photographed emotionally. This is how my digital landscapes emerge.


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