01W branch in the wind 01, HD-Video


2023, Limited Edition, HD-Video Download (mp4), 00:16

Price: 100,00 €


Patterns of Earth, of Life & of Soul” is the title of the exhibition, which takes place every year in Murter (Croatia) from June 15th until 15.09. with new artworks.

For me everything consists of small particles of nature and civilization.  The mix of technology, fiction and reality fascinates me.

Every artwork in the exhibition can be viewed, downloaded and purchased in the gallery ORLOVIC or at www.mo-pictures.com  all year round-  using the search function and the identifier on the left in front of each file.

Each artwork gets a “Certificate of Authenticity”.

PayPal: shop@mo-pictures.com. By purchasing in the gallery cash only. Every price includes a USB stick.

All questions by phone: 00491733596559 or email contact@marija-orlovic.com